Primary school Kriváň


The first mention of the school dates back to 1895. The founder is the Municipality of Kriváň. It is a catchment school for the surrounding villages. The premises of the school on the outskirts of the village are buildings I. and II. degree, gyms, dining room with a kitchen and a school park with a relax zone. There is a sculpture in an extensive school park, which author is the academic sculptor Jarmila Podzimková-Mráčková. We have gradually started to renew the sports complex by installing a modern workout set.

In the current school year, the school attend 229 students and 35 employees work there. The team of teachers seeks to create a modern, opened school not only by participating in various projects, but also by educating and implementing innovative strategies and modern learning methods. In our school, all students can enjoy learning and creative activity. The school curriculum focuses on languages, science, technical subjects and on digital competencies development.We believe that our developing cooperation with Spojená škola in Detva will also help us with this. We introduce the principles of Hejný mathematics - a happier way how to get to work with numbers for our students. At the same time, we want to develop students´ sports skills by expanding the offer of sports clubs and also by participating in various sports projects.

We live in a beautiful rural environment of Podpoľanie, but we cannot pretend that we are not affected by global climate changes. Through practical experience and personal experience in creating real measures at school, students will learn how to adapt to climate changes and behave ecologically. For this reason, we have started a cooperation with a local hunting association. We separate waste, we participate in the collection of secondary raw materials and darts. We participate in the project „I planted a tree“, we organize the school project Don't destroy your wise body, which is focused on a healthy lifestyle, which is focused on a healthy lifestyle,the human protection,the health and the environment.

Because we no longer want to “saw trees with a blunt saw, because it's inefficient. 
Because we want children to have the joy of getting to know each other.
Because we want children to experience a sense of freedom in learning and their own choice.
Because we think that they can learn only by their own activities and these activities are beneficial for their future lives.
Because children who grow up as wanted children learn how to find love.  

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