We implemented a volunteer project

Pupils of the Business Academy in Detva have been participating in the nationwide Embassy of Youth competition for ten years now. The competition motivates young people to submit projects that will help the cultural or economic development of the region. This year we are trying to get interested in the topic of socially responsible business. Socially responsible business is the voluntary integration of social and environmental interests into everyday corporate activities and interactions with corporate entities.

We chose corporate volunteering as one of the practical activities of the project. Netspace s.r.o. employees Detva came to help the Primary School with a kindergarten in Hriňová, where, under the "guidance" of the janitor, they painted the entrance gate to the school premises. They sanded it from the old paint and lichens and repainted it.

Many thanks to the management of the company and the employees themselves. With their approach, they supported the concept of socially responsible business and showed that the company can also be successfully committed to improving life in the local community.

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