Primary school, Ul. obrancov mieru 884, Detva

Primary school, Obrancov mieru 884 Primary school, Obrancov mieru 884 in Detva, which currently attend 400 pupils, was opened in 1969 mainly for children from the housing estate. The school has profiled itself as a sports school since its inception, in addition to the classic gym, there is also a gymnastics gym and in the close surrouding is a football stadium with a running track, which is widely used mainly in spring, summer and autumn. The graduates of the school are several well-known sports persons, including eight Olympians. In the school year 2006/2007, the school was awarded as the School of the Year award.

The school has several professional classrooms, a library and a games room. Gradually, it became not only a catchment school for children from the surrounding villages (Piešť, Stožok), but also created an important cultural and sports center accessible to the general public in the town's settlement. In addition to pupils, employees and parents, there are sports clubs, a maternity center, and activities for retired and other citizens organizations organize their activities here. Some of the school's activities have a city-wide scope, for example the annual "Run for Health" is organized not only for all types of school facilities in the city, but also other city associations.

The school is of the pavilion type and its extensive grounds are arranged as a green zone in the middle of a typical housing estate architecture. After the reconstruction of the school buildings, the pupils together with the teachers and the school management, established lawns, planted trees and plants and built some ornamental and herb rocks. A lot of benches, outdoor flower pots with plants, an ecological classroom with seating and a modern playground have been added to the complex. In addition to the school and the city of Detva, several companies and organizations participated in the funding through projects developed by teachers. Constant care and maintenance of greenery rests on the shoulders of school staff and students. In this way, students become acquainted with external work They also acquire skills and knowledge about plants and living organisms, and build environmental and aesthetic awareness. The development of these competences in children and young people is extremely important for the further development of humanity, which can only exist in harmony with nature and in harmony with its environment. Another important step on this road is the construction of a water element - a pond in the school premises. It will also enable the students to get to know the aquatic habitat, the beauty of aquatic plants and appreciate the irreplaceable role of water for every part of our world. This will once again succeed in fulfilling one of the many goals of the school which is constantly lead students not only to achieve some new knowledge, but also to a responsible approach to their surroundings and directing attention to environmental issues and topics.

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