Primary school, Školská 1575, Hriňová

The town of Hriňová is located in the Podpoľanie region, which is inimitable and unmissable for its beauty. It is full of natural beauties, customs and traditions, which are preserved in their memories not only by the older generation, but this spiritual wealth is also protected and pushed forward by our youth. Our school focuses on developing folk traditions, strengthening inner awareness and pride of its region. The folk costume week in May has become a very popular event when our school is full of colorful folk costumes in which our students and teachers come to school, when the teaching process is focused on regional education.

To maintain an aesthetic and clean environment, we also participate in various competitions and projects focused on environmental education. Our biggest success was the first place in the Ekostopa program. We are currently involved in the enviro questionnaire competition, but also in various photographic, artistic and literary competitions where the topic is nature protection. A great success was the silver diploma for active participation in "Let's talk about food", but also the 1st place in the collection of darts. We also achieved a beautiful 2nd place in the creation of a short video "Flying through the world with Poľana".

We regularly participate in workshops and competitions about nature conservation. We cooperate with OK K.O.Z.A. , by the administration of the Poľana Protected Landscape Area, e.g. Journey into the heart of Poľana, Young Voices from Podpoľanie.

Our school has also taken care of its surroundings by regularly collecting rubbish on " The Earth Day" for several years.

From the projects, a project called "bird area" was implemented at our school, during which our arbor was also built, which we use not only for relaxation, but also for teaching students outdoors.

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