Primary school Hriňová Krivec

Elementary school with kindergarten Krivec 1355, Hriňová provides mainly education and training for children. The school's goals are: to support innovative forms and methods of education, to improve teaching, to transfer theoretical knowledge about a responsible approach to our environment into everydays life, to lead children and parents to change attitudes and values in relation to active nature and environmental protection, teaching subjects via ICT, to develop the pupil's personality with emphasis on his individuality, to take special care about students with special educational needs and students from socially disadvantaged environment, to support the development of healthy self-confidence of students and their creativity, their communication skills and talent, to take responsibility for their own education .

Implemented projects

INFOVEK – Open school

ESF: Improving the quality of education at primary and secondary schools using electronic testing

DIGIŠKOLA ESF: Modernization of the educational process at primary schools ESF: Education of primary school teachers in the field of foreign languages

KONTO ORANGE - e- Schools for the future, E-Twining

PRINED - creating favorable conditions for education, personal and social growth of children, Fundation Children in Safety, Talking about food, Gesture for the city of Raiffeisen Bank, Walk of Courage - BBSK.

School-wide activities: Earth Day, a week of healthy nutrition, academy, carnival, days when we cooperate with the staff of the Poľana Protected Landscape Area and LESY SR. This school year we achieved excellent results and awards in the nationwide competition HOVORME O JEDLE, the 3rd place in BIOLOGICAL OLYMPICS - regional competition and we had 12 successful solvers in the worldwide competition iBOBOR. We also participate in literary, science and informatics competitions.

Other activities: Swimming training, Ski training, Outdoor school.

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